Sunday, 17 November 2019

Did You Know This About Kim Heath?

Hi, welcome to my blog. When I was a little girl I lived with my Nanna for a few years. I loved all of her dresses. I'm sure she had a dress with a very similar pattern as the black background below. As soon as I saw it my mind skipped right back to a time in the early seventies in Murwillumbah, a country town in the North Coast of New South Wales.
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I loved it when Nanna wore her going out dresses.  When we went to town, she would always take me to the Austral Cafe, which is still there today. It's nothing of what I remember it but it's still there. Of course, she would buy me a milkshake or sometimes a banana split (which I could never finish!) and before we left she always bought two meat pies.

When we got back home she would heat them up in the electric frypan. While we were eating them she would tell me some yarns of her childhood which usually entailed her adventures of horse riding or killing huge snakes.
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Every time I see and use this paper, it brings back long-forgotten memories of my Nanna.
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