Friday, 9 August 2019

Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalogue Meets My Crafty Dog

Living in a townhouse complex means that unless I'm out, I know that the postie is coming with goodies. You see, I have to open the gates with a few numbers on my phone and the gate opens (unless you forget the numbers!!!)  Today took a few tries to let the postie in but finally she arrived and handed me the BBB (big brown box).  My dog Penny, who was inside, was yapping as all little dogs do when they hear a new voice, sometimes they can bark at absolutely nothing. I get back in, put the box down, then Penny (Shih Tzu x foxie x chihuahua) starts scratching it.  Of course she knew it was my Stampin' Up! order with the new products from the Holiday Catalogue. 

When I looked at her, I swear that her eyes were saying "Yay! Stampin' Up! is here!" Her tail was wagging vigorously and even some drool was starting to dip on to the tiles. Excited was an understatement!

Before I could even get the new Holiday Catalogues out of the box, she had jumped up on one chair and leaped to the chair I had the box on. Even Penny couldn't wait to see all the new stamps, dies, ribbon and so much more! Check her out loving being in the box of Stampin' Up! supplies! It's like heaven for a crafty pooch like Penny!

Here she is listening for another box to come but sadly it didn't happen! 

I asked her if she wanted to do some crafting, this was look she gave me! What do you think she is saying?

I asked her to look for the new Holiday Catalogues but she saw the ribbon and she thought it would make the best Christmas lead and collar.  She thinks it could even be a toy like a frisbee! She loves toys! However, she loves the new Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalogue even more than treats!

Finally, she looks at me like "Stop this photo thing and lets get unpacking and crafting!" Well, I couldn't argue with that, could I?

Here am I, salivating over the new Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalogue!  You are going to love it as much I do!

Here is a sneaky peak of some of the products. I will be unboxing it tomorrow. Keep an eye out for a video showcasing the products that I bought.

Happy Crafting!

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