Sunday, 24 November 2019

Card Making Ideas

Hi Everyone, I want to share a few ideas today about making cards. Sometimes it can be hard to get ideas and start your creative juices flowing.
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When I have this problem, the first thing I reach for my Stampin' Up! catalogue. Sometimes, I even look at the older ones too. There is always so much to see and be inspired by. I love finding little tips on how to do things as I turn the pages. When I do this, I usually have some sticky notes next to me so when I find something I mark it with a sticky note so I can come back to it.

Interestingly, some crafters will tell you, "Just buy it at the discount store!" Well, there is nothing wrong with buying your supplies there if that's what you want. However, when it comes to quality, you can't go past Stampin' Up!'s products. They are quality tested and won't sell supplies that aren't up to the best standard! Case in point, Purple Posy stamp pad... they found that it wasn't stamping well so they tried to correct it. After much testing and replacing the stamp pad to the customers who purchased it, they have decided to discontinue it as it continued to be problematic. Stampin' Up! wants to produce the best products for you. It saves time and ensures you can create amazing projects. There is nothing worse than giving a card and it falling to pieces later.

Here is a video by a lovely crafter, K Werner Designs. She has some great ideas.
Do you have a tip or a hint to make better cards? Share it below in the comment section.

Until next time
Keep inking!
Kim Heath

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