Saturday, 8 June 2019

Infusion of a different kind!

clear glass pitcher filled with clear liquid selective focus photography
Hi!!! Yesterday started early and was the busiest day I've had in a week since taking time off work. Today I had an eight o'clock appointment at the hospital to have an echo-cardiogram done. It is an ultrasound is to measure the percentage of blood my heart is ejecting. Last time (six months ago) it was fifteen percent, which is severe! Yes I was working full time teaching Year Ones last year and this year with heart failure!!! Two weeks ago a blood test discovered that my iron is very low so they gave me an iron infusion today. 
person injecting syringe
Of course nothing goes fast in hospitals but Im glad that I could get the treatment for free. It only took fifteen minutes for the iron to go in via drip then I had to wait half an hour to make sure I had no side effects like not being able to breathe! 

When I arrived home I made a hot, refreshing cup of Early Grey (I much prefer this kind of infusion!) and a delicious, salad sandwich! 

Have you ever had an iron infusion? Or any infusions of any kind? Do you like needles? I can never watch them put it in to my arm! YUCK!

Until next time!
Happy Crafting!

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