Sunday, 9 June 2019

Awesome Foods to Eat When You Are Feeling Sick!

Hi! I hope you are well and you haven't experienced the flu that is around right now in Brisbane, Australia! Here in Australia it's winter and everyone is getting sick. Yesterday it was cold and dreary, something that Queenslanders are not familiar with. Today it's been warmer but rainy. Great weather for colds and the flu to flourish!

I've had my flu shot as I don't have a spleen so the flu shot is a necessity. I can't believe it's been five years since I had the splenectomy. I'm actually due for my booster shots in September this year.

I have to have them every five years, and yes they do hurt. I have to have four shots and when I had them five years ago, my arms hurt for days. Honestly, I don't mind as they guard me against some really nasty bugs like meningococcal.

Here are some foods that are really good for you when you get the flu. The first thing I get is fresh lemons and oranges. I make a mix of lemon, honey, vinegar and hot water. I drink it and go to bed. The oranges are for natural vitamin C. I recommend drinking green tea with lemon, it always helps me when I'm unwell. 

What is your go to food when you get sick? I would love you to make a comment and share your thoughts. 

Here are some foods that can hinder and help with mucous. These are good to know! I really do need to eat more vegetable when I'm sick. Why is it my body craves salt when I'm sick? Why does my body work against itself! I'm thinking that's why  you need educate yourself about the effects of good food on your body.
Avoid these foods if you want to get rid of mucus!: Fit, Health Food, Elimination Mucus, Nature Remedies, Menu, Healthy Eating, Well, Healthy Food, Healthy Living

Have you had a sore throat this winter? These might help.

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Until next time, keep warm, eat well and stay safe. 


  1. Good advice there Kim. Colds and flu can be so debilitating.

  2. This is really informative Kim, I love it! Especially the poster that shows foods that do/don’t create mucus. Keep up the great work!! :) Angela


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